2013        Live Web-casts on Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms
2012        Oral Presentation at the Free and Open Source Software Convention (FOSSCON)
2011        Oral Presentation at the Fifth IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing
2007 - 2009 Lecture Series at Temple University Department of Computer science
2004 - 2006 Lecture Series at Drexel University Department of Computer Science
2002        Interview with Business Week Magazine.
2001        Live Radio Interview with CNET Radio 910 AM San Fransisco.
2001        Interview with Geek.com
2001        Interview with ZDNet
2000 - 2001 Series of Live Interviews with CNET News
2000        Series of Live Interviews with CNBC News
2000        Live TV Interview with MSNBC news.
2000        Interview with Fortune Magazine.
2000        Front page interview with USA Today.