Domain Knowledge Isn't Enough

"In a world that is constantly changing, there is no one subject or set
of subjects that will serve you for the foreseeable future, let alone for the rest of your
life. The most important skill to acquire now is learning how to learn." - John Naisbitt

  • HTML5
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Apple
  • Windows

World-class Leader in the Fields of Big Data and Machine Learning

With over 19 years and countless projects worth of experience under his belt he has demonstrated the ability to solve some of the industry's most difficult challenges. Jeff has also appeared on many of the most popular media outlets including the Front page of USA Today, MSNBC TV News, Cnet radio news, Fortune Magazine, and hundreds of others.

Background in Statistics and Advanced Mathematics

Jeff had an interest in statistics and mathematics from an early age. It provides for a valuable perspective often leading to novel solutions to otherwise impossible problems.

Life Doesnt End at Work

Having a well-rounded home life is important to Jeff who maintains several hobbies including Astrophotography, Chemistry, Genetics, Neuroscience, Photography, RF Engineering, and Technical SCUBA Diving

The Full Package

Jeff's wide breadth of knowledge, combined with a focused
expertise within his field makes him the leader you need.

  • Polyglot Engineer

    Fluent in many programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Bash, Assembly, C, C++, and others.

  • Always Up-to-date

    Jeff is an active contributor in many cutting edge technologies and is up to date on many of the latest technologies, including NoSql, graph databases, and Docker.

  • World-renowned

    Jeff has appeared around the world in newspaper, television and radio broadcast interviews as well as acted as a spokesperson at numerous conventions and public speaking opportunities.

  • Experienced

    Over 19 years experience as a Software Engineer and Project Lead, including acting as Chief Technology Officer responsible for managing a company's entire Intellectual Property portfolio.

  • Proven Leader

    Experience with direct supervision of up to as many as 50 team members at any given time.

  • Entrepeneur

    With three successful companies under his belt: Swapoo, Syncleus, and The Freemo Company, he knows good business.

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